Quartz meeting 2011 - House Party 2: The Pajama Jam

As it had been several years since the Quartz gang got together for mayhem, gaming, boozing, smoking and the occasional conversation, a plan was hatched to once more subject the house of its glorious leader to an endurance test. Since the last meeting ended in an overwhelming smell of man-ass, a plan was made for summer, which turned out to be a masterstroke.

Bye Bye Birdie - RIP Bully 1976-2010

The man behind the doomowl died yesterday. He was 34 years old. One of the last things he posted read that he entered the hospital experiencing shortness of breath. He later succumbed to pneumonia.

But that's just one moment in a lifetime of zillions.

Maybe you would like to share some memories of Bully with us.

RIP Bully - friend, colleague and guildmate.

Quartz triumphs over Lich King (10) only to replace him with Bolvar

So yes, updating this page has been pushed to the side in order to enjoy things such as standing around in Dalaran, complaining about pvp queues and spamming guild chat with zoophilia trivia.

On the whole I feel like Blizzard has stepped up to the plate with the new content, reducing trash, tank/spank encounters and giving easier access to entry level purples for the rerollers, alt-equippers and late starters among us. For some, this has reduced some of the joy of getting anything new and shiny, but true lootwhores will manage to scream orgasmically on vent regardless of the quality of the drop (like the time Gets got his legen.. oh wait).

Dragons Galore!

It's been a while since the last update, but the glorious Quartz collective can for once claim to have cleared all content before the next content patch. My lord, we're soooo bored! MOAR CONTENT *cough*

Joking aside, we've taken care of the current new type of 'hard mode' encounter Blizzard seems to aim this game at by tackling OS 3D, and managed to nab some Plagued Proto Drakes before 3.1 completely removes them. Artificially increasing encounter difficulties with either achievements or extra mobs is a new phenomenon that has so far been a bit of hit and miss. I guess time will tell if WotLK is an improvement over the old way of raiding.

A Fresh Start



After clearing out the (nerfed) Sunwell in the very last week - yay us - , we can look back on the TBC era with a smile. Starting with seemingly endless Karazhan runs and a drooling, groaning one-eyed freak and his Ogre harem, then moving into Serpentshrine Cavern (so many Naga!) with it's great final boss design. Entering the Eye, and it's epic final bossfight which was perhaps one of the most fun ones we have seen yet. Battling the endless trash waves and 'move out of the fire!' finale of Mount H, the fun of Black Temple and it's array of funky bosses and the fabled Illidan fight, the frantic play that was Zul'Aman Bear runs. And finally, albeit maybe a little too short after the changes, the interesting design that was Sunwell with it's gigantic, crazy legless final boss. Some fights were pushovers, others seemingly impossible tasks, but we managed to do it all our own way. Looking back already brings on nostalgia.

Another update from the Sunwell

And another short update on the Quartz front. The raid nerf really made us outgear most of the content we'r facing now. And it's all up to tactics now. So that means that two raid days later we killed both Brutallis and Felmyst!

These nerfed bosses are hardly worth the update so I'll just keep it short, but stay tuned for next week when we'll face a nice pair of ladies.

Forgive me father, it has been too long since my last confession

It's been a while since our last update. Quartz is still alive and kicking! A lot of stuff happened in the last few months, just not a lot of new kills.
I was planning on making this big huge story about our glorious Kalec kill, but with the 3.0.2 patch sunwell got hit hard by the nerf bat. Before the patch we almost had him down, after the patch is was an easy one shot.
While I'm still happy we get to see more of Sunwell I'm sure these kills wont feel as good as the ones before the nerfs. Anyway prepares for more updates in the coming weeks as the Quartz Collective will be ripping through the nerfed Sunwell patiently awaiting the release of Wrath of the Lich King

One crazy summer

It's been too long since my last confession!

Summer approaches, and the collective has expanded with some refugees of the collapsed horde guild Unique Legacy. As we hurl them at Illidan like the cannon fodder they are, we've refound some of the spirit that is Quartz. In all the rush to get to Illidan we almost lost something that is dear to so many of us: the ability to smile at just how slack we can be. This game has always been about the community, about the group, not about individuals. So welcome guys, we will find nicknames for all of you and crush your spirit, Quartz style.

Ding dong, the night elf/demon/insert here is dead

Illidan down!

And so it came to be that Quartz, in all its glorious slackness ventured into BT to kill Illidan. We were not prepared - but let's face it, we never are.

All I can say is, this was the encounter we've thought about since TBC launched, and it was quite a ride.

There were some minor mistakes, like the tank switching to zerker stance and a two-hander at 5% (word to the wise, be careful where you place your macros), but no first Quartz kill has ever been normal.


Momomomonsterkill! 3 bosses in 9 days!

Tater is slack on updating the front page as usual so I, Miniboss, bring you the news while he works on some thesis or another. Quartz was in a minor slump, progress didn't happen for a couple of weeks, hots left us and she is truly missed. But what an extended week we have had, changed thursday raid to tuesday raid and there was much rejoicing. RoS was aoe healed to death, Mother went down like Gets mum on Lvaz hotdog and the council proved to be a chaos that needed some order.

Now awaits the big one, Illidan Stormrage himself, I can't wait, this is what I play for. Learning complex new encounters. Screw loot and farm raids, progression is where the fun lies. Unfortunately I can't help but see a cloud on the horizon, Brutallus is just 2 bosses away now and by all accounts we'll have to do 2 months of farming of MH/BT + Kalecgos and half the guild becoming leather workers before he can be killed. For now however, we have a crazed night elf to show who is (Mini)Boss!