A Fresh Start



After clearing out the (nerfed) Sunwell in the very last week - yay us - , we can look back on the TBC era with a smile. Starting with seemingly endless Karazhan runs and a drooling, groaning one-eyed freak and his Ogre harem, then moving into Serpentshrine Cavern (so many Naga!) with it's great final boss design. Entering the Eye, and it's epic final bossfight which was perhaps one of the most fun ones we have seen yet. Battling the endless trash waves and 'move out of the fire!' finale of Mount H, the fun of Black Temple and it's array of funky bosses and the fabled Illidan fight, the frantic play that was Zul'Aman Bear runs. And finally, albeit maybe a little too short after the changes, the interesting design that was Sunwell with it's gigantic, crazy legless final boss. Some fights were pushovers, others seemingly impossible tasks, but we managed to do it all our own way. Looking back already brings on nostalgia.


But it's time for the Wrath of the Lich King!

Diving into the leveling frenzy of a new and shiny expansion always brings back old sentiments and old faces, new experiences and new people. Getting back into 5 man instances, achievement hunts, a revisited Naxxramas and slaying good old dragons, this is turning out an interesting start of a new expansion. Lets see what Ulduar and other new content have to bring the great bunch of people that make up this guild.