Quartz meeting 2011 - House Party 2: The Pajama Jam

As it had been several years since the Quartz gang got together for mayhem, gaming, boozing, smoking and the occasional conversation, a plan was hatched to once more subject the house of its glorious leader to an endurance test. Since the last meeting ended in an overwhelming smell of man-ass, a plan was made for summer, which turned out to be a masterstroke. After a craptastic summer, the weather gods decided to be kind to their favourite sons and daughters, and the meeting took place in beautiful sunny weather - at least I assume so since barely any sunshine penetrated the cloud of smoke hanging over the yard (no one is blaming Ally).

After almost 4 days, as the dust began to settle and the last of the guildies got on their train to the airport,I felt overwhelmed by both sadness that everyone had left again, and gratefulness that all these nubs, from all over Europe, have been a part of the guild, and my life for so long.  (Okay, and a bit of relief that the house was once again ours.)

 Here's to many more guild meetings

 Thank you all for coming, and being a part of this hippie commune. The bill is in the mail.