Momomomonsterkill! 3 bosses in 9 days!

Tater is slack on updating the front page as usual so I, Miniboss, bring you the news while he works on some thesis or another. Quartz was in a minor slump, progress didn't happen for a couple of weeks, hots left us and she is truly missed. But what an extended week we have had, changed thursday raid to tuesday raid and there was much rejoicing. RoS was aoe healed to death, Mother went down like Gets mum on Lvaz hotdog and the council proved to be a chaos that needed some order.

Now awaits the big one, Illidan Stormrage himself, I can't wait, this is what I play for. Learning complex new encounters. Screw loot and farm raids, progression is where the fun lies. Unfortunately I can't help but see a cloud on the horizon, Brutallus is just 2 bosses away now and by all accounts we'll have to do 2 months of farming of MH/BT + Kalecgos and half the guild becoming leather workers before he can be killed. For now however, we have a crazed night elf to show who is (Mini)Boss!

(Real updates will come soon, lifetapboss is a nub - Tater)