Dragons Galore!

It's been a while since the last update, but the glorious Quartz collective can for once claim to have cleared all content before the next content patch. My lord, we're soooo bored! MOAR CONTENT *cough*

Joking aside, we've taken care of the current new type of 'hard mode' encounter Blizzard seems to aim this game at by tackling OS 3D, and managed to nab some Plagued Proto Drakes before 3.1 completely removes them. Artificially increasing encounter difficulties with either achievements or extra mobs is a new phenomenon that has so far been a bit of hit and miss. I guess time will tell if WotLK is an improvement over the old way of raiding.

Now to eagerly await the pain, suffering, repaircosts and eventual victories Ulduar should bring! Should be fun to focus on killing Dwarves instead of Dragons for once.