Faerlina joins husband

The pink bunny and Naxxramas met again this week, as we decided to take a swing at the surprisingly human looking second boss in the Spider Wing. Spider cultists. Okay then. After some enjoyable trash pulls that turned out to be a lot less dangerous when moved into an open space, we got to the Widow herself. In an obvious attempt to bring back MC and AQ40 memories we got a bunch of adds, fire rain and poison spit. We've seen much worse! As always, the raid was extremely well-planned and prepared. So well in fact, that barely anyone had brought resistance pots. After some scraping in everyone's backpacks we located a few fire prots from easier MC days and finally took on the Widow.

Unfortunately fire prots are fairly useless when Faerlina seems to have it in for you and the rain follows you wherever you go. After having located the popular targets (for some reason druids attract more fire rain than any other class, apart from 'should we even bother healing them'-rogues) and subsequently staying away from them I did a lot better. Wish I could say the same about the rogues. But hey, no Gehenuran hybrid will get the collective down and Faerlina dropped quickly after. Next!