Anub'Rehkan has heart attack

After downing Razu, we were again faced with too many options for a simple slacker guild like Quartz. In order to actually be able to make any tier 3, we decided to spend some time finishing the quest first (and quickly learned the Abomination wing trash ranks right up there with LBRS alt-pugs in annoyance factor). The choice then, was between Noth, Patchwerk and Anub. Despite a continuous stream of whispers from Trixster telling me to do Patchwerk so I could share in his pain, we figured Anub might prove to be a little easier. Besides, tier 3 bracers are clearly the most desired part of the set.

After carefully studying the strategy (= Morbo copy pasting wowwiki into raid chat), we realised the 'tail-lifting' which is supposed to tell you a locust swarm is incoming, was in fact two pixels changing from white to broken white. Nothing but respect for those guilds that chose to do this without addons, but personally speaking I enjoyed the fight a lot more when we actually activated a mod to tell us what was happening. Perhaps next time a lightshow to announce bad things happening would be nice, Blizzard. We don't all have 23" flat screens.

In any case, once the kiting was under control, it was just a matter of waiting for a try without Gashrak passing out from exhaustion or Bladewing's pizza timer wiping us in the middle of an attempt. Boss kills are great and all, but nothing comes between a plate rogue and his food. And behold, the crypt lord fell before the mighty legion of pizza eaters, dropped the standard warrior/rogue loot (and a legendary thingy yours truly ninja'ed in true guildmaster style) and there was much rejoicing. Next up: Noth, a rather boring looking humanoid who summons .. skeletons. Amazing concept, Blizzard. All I can say is: he'd better drop caster stuff.