Instructor Razuvious down - thank you warlocks!

After downing the Emps we've been kind of debating what to do. The Burning Crusade is coming and we had the choice between venturing deeper into the recesses of Ahn Qiraj and poking C'Thun in his eye, or exploring Naxxramas in all its glory. We decided to do both last week, after downing the Emps, spending one night of repairs on C'Thun and one night of repairs on Razuvious. Our encounter with the great eye was painful in more ways than one, but Razuvious immediately showed promise.

I like the type of encounters Blizzard is trying to create, thinking outside the box, though tanking priests is hardly an alien concept. We've perfected that in every 5 man ever done. It is perhaps that natural knack for tanking every mob known to man that helped us down our very first Naxx boss, so I'd like to thank all of our trusty overnukers for the excellent training they have provided our priests. Mini and Wild - this one's for you!