Twins check into rehab clinic

There are times in the life of the so-called 'relaxed raiding guild' that you feel there simply isn't enough time in the week to farm known content and explore the new in the few raiding nights you've set for yourselves. Even the slightest setback or a couple of 'wtf they all ported to the same platform'-Skeram fights and you'll be pressed for time when you get to the good stuff. AQ40 is all about the random. Sure, a raid can deal with the random, can react on the spot. But when only one thing has to go wrong to gimp your time on a new boss, it can be frustrating. That's why I think everyone was happy when we finally got to the emps at 7.30 at night instead of after 10 when everyone is exhausted.

Potions were farmed, oils were made - I don't think Quartz has ever been this prepared for a boss. Of course, it's only when you HAVE farmed everything possible you down them right away before you can use most of it. But it felt smooth, controlled - I guess that's why people love the fight. Once you get it down, it's like a well-oiled machine at work. Watching the casters and the melee cross in the middle every time was no less than awesome - there was a team at work, a group of people that has been there consistently, that prepared, that learned, and that understands that we're not the biggest, or the fastest, or the pinkest - but we're Quartz and no encounter will hold us back - I'm proud of you guys. End of motivational speech.