Gotta nuke something - Huhuran down

After defeating Fankriss a while back the glorious Quartz collective has been banging its head against the resistance horror that is Huhuran. Having spent all our bloodvine on shard bags and alt gear, getting everyone 'ressed up' turned out to be quite a pain, and though our first full night on Huhu left us with promising results (below 10%) we quickly realised we needed to shape up or not bother. A week later, our second full night gave us two 1% wipes, leaving the sour taste of endless Vael wipes in my mouth. Nothing says 'haw haw', Nelson style, like a boss with 5000 health left. It was at that point that all our shamans and druids decided to take a vacation so we figured we might as well go take a look inside Naxx for a week and die horribly there. It's good to have something new to look at while you are writhing in pain, my mother always used to say.

In any case, it wasn't until this week that we got back to AQ40 in full force, determined to do that 5000 extra damage and squash the bug. By the time we downed Fankriss and cleared the trash, it was already getting late. We decided to settle for two test attempts to get into the groove and planned to flask up and finish her off tomorrow, but lo and behold, she went down flaskless and almost without effort. Well, almost - we ripped Eddy from a hospital bed, forced Takhar to come on time for once, and Gnuu actually lived for minutes on end - a monumental night it was indeed.