Fankriss sleeps with the.. erm.. beetles?

Due to heat and vacations we've spent last week just farming known content, and even though there was some time left after Sartura the thought of showering ourselves in icecubes seemed much more pleasant than working ourselves through a tunnel full of bugs. This week, however, was supposed to be Fankriss week, with some actual serious tries. So the collective slapped the usual bosses last night and worked its way to Fankriss. I enjoy these token mage-encounters in every instance - we all know mage is the chosen class, but it doesn't hurt to have the developers confirm it now and then in case the healers and tanks get strange ideas about their own worth.Â

After fiddling with the strat on Fankriss a bit and settling for a non-AE strat (a rare occasion for Quartz) we had the basics down. Though the encounter can go horribly wrong when warriors die, as long as you keep them up it's fairly straightforward. Awesome work by our tanks and healers, and of course special mention for the insane dps on Fankriss (complete with pulling aggro off the MT *cough*). For some reason we all expected the adds to despawn after Fankriss died, so with 39 people up everyone sighed with relief and went to scratch their private parts, until we noticed people were still dying and there was some cleaning up to do still. Quartz is still quartz, after all!

Onwards to Huhuran and farming for nature resistance!