Stunnable bosses < Quartz

Our glorious adventures in AQ40 continued last Tuesday. Due to the weather, we only spend one night a week on AQ40 so so far progress has been smooth. Skeram and the Trio died again, I ninja-pulled a couple of patrols, Shi got himself knocked into more adds than I've seen since the Leeroy movie, but like I said before, you can afford to dork around in AQ40, which is what makes it so enjoyable. Obviously we're just getting through the warm-up bosses, but everything so far has been fun fun fun - and we didn't even dis that much loot this week.

After the family's sad demise, we went on to say hi to Sartura. Last week we took a couple of pokes and got it halfway down, so we finished the job without too much hassle, despite being somewhat confused on tactics. "Run to the tank, no run away from it, dot, no dots, stun it, RUN, oh wait it's dead." Killed in true Quartz style, I suppose.

We AEed our way to Fankriss, argued for a bit about where the legendary safe spot should be, marveled at the damage meters (mages are clearly THE pve class) and got owned by one-shotting worm thingies. Guess we'll figure out what to do there next time. Stay tuned for more news in a week. Same Quartz time, same Quartz channel.