Bug family meets sad demise

With the summer and the World Cup upon us, I had a strong feeling there'd be little interest in doing raids this week, especially since we decided to spend the night in Bug Town. Amazingly, 40 people showed up to once more down Skeram and we headed to the Bug Trio. Since these bosses are supposed to perfectly learnable in one night we assigned tanks, told the hunters where to pull the things and initiated combat. After a few mins, realizing half the raid was down from poison spits and they were all still at 99% health, we went for a glorious retreat and looked at our strat again. 'Okay, so this one fears and heals - like a pvp priest but it actually heals OTHERS instead of just itself'. The poison spit took us poor nature-res-less noobs by surprise, quickly seperating the men from the .. well, noobs. Apart from your glorious Guild Leader, the Bunny Guardian and a few scattered Ayamiss vets, nature res in the raid was close to 0. We decided to call it a night and come back the next night and amazingly, in one day, practically everyone in the raid had at least 80 nature res unbuffed. I'm not going to say I'm proud of you - we've known AQ was nature for months and you're all slackers! - but still awesome work. The bug trio quickly bit the dust and we went on to poke at Sartura, who sadly lost her friends and almost her life. Next week, perhaps - I'm beginning to enjoy myself in there