Skeram bites the dust

Since Nefarian now sleeps with the fishes, the glorious Quartz collective decided to try their hands at the 'Majordomo level bosses' in AQ40. I still say the loot tables for AQ40 are absolutely horrid, but new content is new content, so we downed a few Anubisath thingies, got some bug mounts and killed the Prophet. Interesting encounter, but anything that's tauntable is ez-mode, I say. We killed some bugs on the way down, admired the scenery and waved at Sartura and 'The Family' who are left for future exploration/wipe fests.The trash mobs are a lot of fun, and feel a lot more 'free' than in MC and BWL - there's room for dorking around and Quartz loves to dork! Any instance that allows Mongol to kite a bunch of bugs deserves some attention, even though Naxx will probably cut most guilds' ventures into AQ40 short.

No screenshot of the kill, I'm afraid - we'll do better for the next one!